maxresdefaultDental Implants

Dental Implants are here to stay. More patients are having dental implants placed today than ever before. Why? The technology has come so far that it is much easier for a dentist to place dental implants. 20 years ago, when placing implants, the patient had a long recovery period. Significant swelling and bruising was the norm. Today the process is much less invasive. Most patients are shocked at how easy the procedure was and how little discomfort they had afterwards. 20 years ago most patients had to be sent out to get a CT (cat scan) high dose x-ray for proper diagnosis and bone evaluation to see if a patient was a candidate for dental implants. Today, with the evolution of LOW DOSE 3D cone beam digital x-rays, the predictability and ease of placement has not only kept the cost down for patients, but has actually lowered the costs of 20 years ago.

Dr. White finds placing a single dental implant in a patient is as easy as a complicated filling. Once the patient is numb, it usually takes about 3 minutes to place a dental implant.

Implant failure can happen with anyone who places dental implants, but with the new technologies and a better understanding of the role bacteria play in implant failure, they are few and far between.

Sunset Hills Dentist – Dr. White recently purchased a new state of the art low dose digital 3D cone beam xray system that uses 1/200 of the radiation that the old CT needed. The clarity of the image and the tools available to position and place the proper size dental implant, make it very easy and very predictable for the patient to have a positive and affordable experience.

Dr. White received his dental implant training from the Montefiore Medical Center, the University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1995. Dr. White has personally placed hundreds of dental implants in the last 20 years. For your piece of mind, any implant that Dr. White places in your mouth is guaranteed for 5 years. If an implant fails in the first five years, Dr. White will either replace the implant at no cost or give you a full refund. Implant failure can happen, but at least you will be financially protected if that occurs.