Orthodontics and Invisalign


Dr. White first began treating his patients with simple orthodontic procedures that were specifically designed for the general dentist. As time progressed, Dr. White received more training from many experts in the field of Orthodontics and spent over 200 hours learning and updating his skill and knowledge on how to help his patients get great results with their crooked and crowded teeth. Dr. Robert Gerety, a very popular clinician who spent a life time training and educating both general dentists and orthodontists with an orthodontic treatment known as Straight Wire Orthodontic Technique. This is a 100 hour post graduate study that Dr. White completed from September 1990 through May 1991. The American Orthodontic Society recognized Dr. White for his completion of this course with a framed diploma signed by the president of the AOS, Dr. J. Carl Davis. Dr. White proudly displays his diploma certificate in his office and has successfully completed hundreds of orthodontic cases. In 1997, Invisalign was approved by the FDA and by 1998, many dentists were getting trained on the technique of straightening patient’s teeth with removable clear aligners. Dr. White saw the potential of this product and quickly received the required training to offer Invisalign for his patients. Unlike many general dentist who offer Invisalign, Dr. White has close to 20 years of experience with traditional braces and removable orthodontic therapy and was very knowledgeable on the function and forces involved with proper orthodontic treatments. Adding Inviasalign was a smooth transition for Dr. White and with the experience from his previous training, Dr. White really has the knowledge and hands on experience that can help patients feel better about getting their Invisalign treatment with Dr. White.